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  1. Can you tell my account on your board? I forgot my username. :(

    1. Tucker933


      You never registered.

  2. Tucker933 here...

    My largest independent release was Phoenix for Halo PC, which I actually just recently ported to Halo CE: https://opencarnage.net/index.php?/topic/6794-phoenix-3-ce/ In addition to the new sandbox and visual effects, it also incorporated an extremely efficient system for dynamic fluids simulation, which isn't matched anywhere else in the games industry. The questions in such topics don't tend to be very significant lol so I'd prefer avoiding that.
  3. Summer plans?

    lol I'm originally from Alaska, so that explains a bit.
  4. WAYLT?

    These lyrics...
  5. Last thing you had to eat/drink?

    Rum and Coke.
  6. Ice in Fountain Drinks

    They of course always give way too much ice, and for the longest time I was just always in the habit of asking for easy ice, but I've been going iceless these days, and haven't looked back. The drink is cold to start with, and once things start warming up ice dilutes way more than I've noticed it help keep it cool. What's your stance on this important subject? Is ice a conspiracy?!
  7. Recent Purchases

    Bought it here: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DKERBF4/ It's not currently in stock, but it fluctuates. I think the seller only stocks one at a time.
  8. Dream car?

    Heh, well Model 3 is coming later this year, starting at only $35k.
  9. Dream car?

    Tesla Model S. A long-range electric sedan with hypercar performance.
  10. I don't really have any on the menu at the moment, but I'm quite looking forward to War Thunder's addition of naval forces. What about you guys?
  11. Your Gaming Setup

    Share a picture!
  12. Car Accidents

    I've had my battery explode when I was out one night, totaling half my car (such sadness), and I've also been totaled in the middle of a 4-car pileup. Both incidents occurred within only a year of each other... Have you been in an accident? If so, explain yourself!
  13. What do you drive?

    For those that do, anyway. I currently drive an '06 Nissan Xterra that I bought it keyed. It has squeaky suspension at the front right, and the driver side window stopped working a few months ago (got that fixed), but it's served me well. I bought it in a rush after my move to the mountains because I needed 4wd. Planning on getting a Subaru for next season.
  14. Your preferred platform?

    I tend to be a PC elitist, but back when there were console-exclusives that interested me, I went with the Xbox. What's your gaming platform of choice?
  15. Your screenshots

    Share some of your screenshots.