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  1. Eh, why not?

    It does. I get on average 38-40 hours/week. Today alone, I got 10. Tired...
  2. Eh, why not?

    Eh, mostly. Could do with a later start time in the morning, plus a bit more communication on certain jobs. But other than that, I usually have fun.
  3. Eh, why not?

    Eh, probably. I dunno. Been a long time since I've done it with any consistency. Mostly, if there's water these days, I'll sit or stand. And there's not a lot of access to water in my life, so...
  4. Eh, why not?

    Tee-ball's about as close as I came. Other than that, took swimming and tennis lessons. Never did anything competitively though. Not especially athletic, me.
  5. Eh, why not?

    Been a while since I watched the trailer, so I don't fully remember. Just remember thinking it looked like it might be good. *shrug* Did a bit when I was in... jr. high, I think. Maybe high school. Some summer camp maybe. It was kinda fun, as I recall... but it's been a very long time, and I haven't done anything more with it, so... *shrug*
  6. Eh, why not?

    Not sure. Most of the returning ones I was following, I guess. Agents of SHIELD left on an, "Uh... what??" sort of cliffhanger. Looking forward to what they're gonna do with that. Or were you talking about new ones? In which case, I'm not sure any of them really caught my eye. The Gifted, maybe... *shrugs*
  7. Continuum (2012-2015)

    I think that if it were possible, it'd be a very risky venture. You go back in time to change one thing. Who knows if it makes the sort of difference you hope? Who's to say you won't inadvertently change something else instead? The world has way too many moving parts (most of them with free will of their own :P ) to say with any confidence you know what you should or should not do to make the world a better place. Safer not to. Move forward. Work against the things you hate in the present and hope for a better future. But as a sci-fi show, I think it's pretty well handled. I'm interested to see where they go with it, how they end it.
  8. Eh, why not?

    The Last Ship sounds possibly interesting. The Strain is... no thanks. I don't do vampires.
  9. Eh, why not?

    Honestly, I've only ever heard of them by name. Don't know what either one's about.
  10. Continuum (2012-2015)

    S2E2. Based on the brief summary Neflix has on it, I feel like I vaguely remember seeing it before... I'll probably watch it tomorrow. Should go to bed now.
  11. Eh, why not?

    Not sure I would, honestly. I mean, my first thought is, "Why'd you do it?" But when it boils right down to it, I don't need that in my head, a criminal's justification for why they did something terrible. So no thanks. I have not.
  12. Eh, why not?

    Heh... I didn't mention it, but I was caught up on Legends long before I caught up on Arrow and the Flash. I felt their second season was considerably better than their first... *shrug* As for other shows... I'm idly curious about the new Star Trek: Discovery. That's the only one off the top of my head though. Feel like I've seen a couple other previews for new shows that sort of casually caught my interest. Can't remember them at the moment. Maybe I'm just tired :P
  13. Continuum (2012-2015)

    Heh. Well I definitely recommend Bones. Just... maybe take it slower than I did :P Back on Continuum though, I did a little investigation. Turns out, I did get into season 3... because I remember Kiera finding herself dead. Don't remember exactly how that turned out... but I expect I'll get back to that point in a week or so. Depends on how fast I watch this time through.
  14. Eh, why not?

    Heh, yeah. Quite a few, actually. I've fallen behind on most of the shows I was watching last year. Finally caught up on Arrow and the Flash. I put catching up on Supergirl on hold in favor of watching Continuum. Never actually finished Castle (which my sister tells me I'm not missing much... they should have ended with season 7). Blindspot, Designated Survivor, Madam Secretary. *shrugs* Dunno what it is. I'm just not that good at keeping up with a lot of different TV shows, I guess.
  15. Continuum (2012-2015)

    It's just my pattern. I watch a ton of episodes of a TV show, start getting overwhelmed/overloaded with the characters and the setting, and watch something else for a while. Or play Mass Effect. I do that a lot when I get tired of something else :P Honestly, the only reason I watched Bones in its entirety without interruption was because I felt like I had to, 'coz I was watching it with my dad. We watched two, sometimes three episodes a night, and boy I was glad when we were done. Great show, really did enjoy all of it. But I could've used a break every now and again. 12 seasons... don't think I'll be watching Bones again for a while :P But back on Continuum. I expect I'll finish it this time. Kinda want to, 'coz my dad's watching it, and he's really enjoying it. I want to finish it so we can talk about it.