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  1. I have been experiencing some hardship with  my partner / husband i married aug 19th He passed away in my arms Aug 25th. I will be on and off. I will assist any technical issues that arise the best I can. Please forgive and inactivity leading up to this moment. This has been the hardest thing to cope with.

    Thank you all for your patients.

    Now Bradley Smith.

    1. Elvira


      So sorry for your loss!  :(

  2. Speaking of Netflix heres some hidden codes to enter in browser.
  3. Yep means less jobs. Customer service gone in the crapper basically
  4. Theme change

    I had to change the theme temporarily til i can work on the other one. It got messed up while trying to do somethings. I will update as things arrise.
  5. What do you drive?

    I drive 2016 Toyota Tacoma
  6. Ask Brad

    What do you want the post background to be @Prince Charming
  7. Ask Brad

    Not very long about a month or so. I got a new "regular job" working on becoming a supervisor. Im doing the pizza hut for a lil while just to get ahead to get caught back up. I def stay busy 2 jobs and taking care of the house duties since my partner hasnt been feeling well lately. Yes for some of you im going to do this. I am Gay been in a almost 4 year relationship. (Aug 11th) Plan on getting married. I work hard and keep busy.
  8. What kind of phone/case do you have?

    Depending on how this comes about but i may look into getting the Note 8 when it comes out after the bugs are worked out.
  9. Hey everyone!

    Welcome Web! Nice having you here. :)
  10. Ask Brad

    Pizza Hut Delivery Driver
  11. Error

    I checked on the issue: It appears that this error was due to the ModSecurity Firewall. I have now made an exception for this domain in order to resolve the issues. Testing the domain with this exception in place looks to have fully resolved the error.
  12. Ask Brad

    I work 2 Jobs so I been super busy. Yes it is I used to know. Ive done it before forgot how to. Its been a min since i used IPB. I can try and figure it out if you want it?
  13. Error

    Can someone please post a screen shot in here. So i am able to see what needs to be done.
  14. Error

    I am the System Admin for the server, I will monitor it and check whats causing this issue. I will update you as soon as I have some clarity.
  15. What kind of phone/case do you have?

    Ya i wish they would have made it simular to the Note 4 Edge style. I had a Note 5 Wished i wouldnt have given it up for a Note 7 but i did so yea. Now i want a note 5 again. :(