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  1. Answer A Question With A Question

    What are you guys talking about?
  2. Thirteen Reasons Why

    I am curious about it. I might try to start watching it next day off, haha.
  3. May Hero/Villain Month!

    Sounds really exciting! I will try join, at least with a name change and a themed avatar/banner set.
  4. Count by 6 to 666

  5. Count to 2018 before 2018

    61 Let's do this!
  6. Hi hi hi!

    Just watch me. I'll het to it one day! .... you might want to grab a chair though. It might take a while.
  7. General Discussion Thread

    I am happy to hear that. I am doing good too! :D
  8. Count to 2018 before 2018

  9. Last gaming thing you purchased?

    Hyrule Warriors Legends
  10. Count to 2018 before 2018

  11. Guess Who I Am

    Kyle Reese?
  12. Pre-Order vs Rental?

    I rarely preorder nowadays. You've had some big blunders and I feel like AAA companies are becoming more cynical about it openly hoping we come to accept and expect games not being finished upon release and then patching afterwards. It is not rare games being broken or a lot of it not working properly. I only pre-order for one or three franchises I am really invest into and I want the merchandise and feel pretty confident they won't let me down. I also rarely rent nowadays, hahah. Buuut if you have demos available I will play those. Even if I already think I will get the game.
  13. Last game played?

    I am Ace Attorney Sprit of Justice.
  14. The Official Emoticon Recommendation Thread

    I like friendly ones like ^^ I don't even remember where I got it, probably on deviantart.
  15. The Official Last Movie You Saw in Theaters Thread

    I didn't know you could check that info.