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  1. WAYLT?

  2. The Galleria of Members

    issa selfie
  3. Last Movie/TV Show Watched?

    movie: the space between us tv: the last man on earth s3e12
  4. Last game played?

    league of legends (i suck)
  5. General Discussion Thread

    that might be it
  6. How do you listen to music?

    that'd be the lo-fi of hip hop. i promise you'll love it
  7. issa introduction

  8. General Discussion Thread

    yo... so what happened to the old forum, whatever it was? i was never active but i think i was around
  9. How do you listen to music?

    spotify + soundcloud (everything else for anything that's not on either of those two) i make playlists based on whatever, like like i'd have a playlist for when i chill & smoke, a playlist for sleeping/reading/etc., i have genre specified playlists for those genres that i listen to but i'm not deeply into, i have mood specified playlists, i would even end up making playlists for my favorite artists i basically have a playlist for almost everything and i listen to music most of the time, i use last.fm to keep track of stuff like that